Is It Evil or Evolution? Manipulating Mankind


DNA Super Soldiers • Designer Babies • Trans-humanism • Post-humanism • Animal Human Hybrid Chimera’s • Singularity • Download your brain into a computer by 2050?


These may sound like science fiction movie topics, but these are the scientific breakthrough headlines that are fiercely encroaching upon our world’s morally weak boundaries. Global competition in these areas are being fueled by what is being labeled the next “arms race”. Trans-gender issues will soon become Trans-human or perhaps even Trans-species debates.

When I mention these topics to friends, I either get a blank deer in the headlights look or a look of total disbelief that we could even remotely be close enough to the implementation of these technologies to have any real concern or fear about these topics. But I stand bewildered and greatly concerned for the next generation who will be even more entrenched in the United Corporations of America agenda for mass vaccinations and snake oil solutions that will cause more harm than good.

Even I did not realize how far the technologies have overstepped their God-sense boundaries. I encourage you to research these topics further. Below are headlines that show the life-altering threats of the human race itself all in the curiosity of “science”.

How far is too far when it comes to “editing” the human genome?


The current experimentation and manipulation of DNA (see Science Breakthrough Headline links below), trans-humanism and the designer baby revolution should have you asking questions about the future of your children’s DNA in the hands of corporate America and ask how far is too far when it comes to altering the human genome and bloodline.

The fountain of youth sounds like a wonderful theory unless it’s in the hands of profit driven corporations. The fact that nano-technology will soon be  injected into the body and rewrite DNA code in “real time” is a scary proposition. I can only wonder if that’s what the scriptures were referring to when it said…

Rev 9:6″In those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

What a horrible thought.

1702-1259389739zO2SThis technology will surge due to the many actual and perceived benefits to individuals in need, but how far do we allow science to change our genetic makeup and at what point are we are no longer “human” and no longer redeemable by God.

I think you will be surprised at what you’ll start noticing in scriptures that seem to eerily allude to these technologies and the biblical  implications of “corrupting our seed”.

This is a topic that I am excited to address from the biblical perspective and hope to get to very soon. There is actually quite a bit God reveals about this subject.

The bottom line is that the enemy of our souls wants to offer us perfect health and immortality but via dangerous and artificial means. Christ already promised eternal life and perfect health if we put our trust in what he did on the cross and not in what man has engineered in his lab.

Learn more about the Promise of Eternal Life you were given.

While these technologies initially appear to be beneficial, who will pay the ultimate price for humanity’s inheritable genetic source code being manipulated?

You really have to pause when scientists and futurists start using terms like: POST-Humanism, glow in the dark cats and Humans 2.0

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