Memes: Resurrection / Rapture


The End-Time Resurrection, Rapture &
Wrath of God in Scriptures.

The term “Rapture” is used frequently in modern day language, but the Bible’s Terminology
for the the Resurrection / Rapture is THE HARVEST & The GATHERING.

“The Gathering”
Matthew – Mark – Luke
Parallel Scriptures

Back-to-Back Harvest of Wicked & Good

Mat 13:30 Let BOTH GROW TOGETHER UNTIL THE HARVEST: and in the TIME OF HARVEST I will say to the Reapers, GATHER together FIRST the TARES, and bind them in bundles to BURN them: but GATHER the WHEAT into MY BARN.

Rev 14:15 An angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that Sat on the Cloud(Jesus), Thrust in Your Sickle, and REAP: for the TIME is come for YOU to REAP; for the HARVEST of the earth is ripe.

Revelation 14

Jesus Returns on the Clouds
EVERY Eye Will See Him

Isa 40:4 Every valley will be exalted, and every MOUNTAIN and HILL will be made LOW: and the crooked will be made straight, and the rough places plain:

Isa 40:5 And the GLORY of the LORD WILL BE REVEALED, and ALL FLESH WILL SEE IT TOGETHER: for the mouth of the LORD has spoken [it].


Resurrection of the Dead is the LAST DAY

John 11:24  Martha [answered Jesus and] said, [about Lazarus]
β€œYes, he will RISE again in the RESURRECTION, at the LAST DAY.β€œ



What Happens At His COMING & APPEARING

“No One Knows the Day or the Hour” or “Jesus Comes as a Thief in the Night”

These scriptures are used to show that Christ’s Gathering of the Church is Imminent, but they never FULLY QUOTE the scripture leaving out vital details about the TIMING, CONDITIONS and CONTEXT of what THAT DAY and HOUR represents.

When is God’s Wrath Poured Out?

It is often quoted that “Christians are not Appointed to God’s Wrath” and that is true, but God’s Wrath that we are Not Appointed To is clearly defined in Revelations exactly WHEN it will happen and WHAT will happen. We are NOT Appointed to the Wrath Described Below.

In Response to Pre-Tribulation Statement:
God wouldn’t “Beat Up His Bride”
God Doesn’t Beat Up His Bride: Satan Does


Seals vials trumpets parallel pic

How PRE-Tribulation “Scholars” have
Rewritten the Bible to FIT their Perspective.


William Miller – Baptist Preacher Begins Setting Dates:

In September 1822, William Miller formally stated his conclusions in a twenty-point document, including article 15: “I believe that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near, even at the door, even within twenty-one years, – on or before 1843.” Miller began his public lecturing the first Sunday in August 1831 in the town of Dresden.

John N. Darby first began to believe in the pre-trib rapture and develop his dispensational thinking while convalescing from a riding accident during December 1826 and January 1827.

John Darby and William Miller were contemporaries in the mid-1800’s and began preaching the idea that Christ’s return was imminent and began setting dates of Christ’s return only to be proven false, time and time again, yet their views spread like wildfire.

The Great Disappointment in the Millerite movement was the reaction that followed Baptist preacher William Miller’s proclamations that Jesus Christ would return to the Earth by 1844, what he called the Advent. These events paved the way for a few of the former Millerite Adventists to eventually form the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Around this time Joseph Smith (Mormon founder) published the Book of Mormon in 1830 and shortly after Charles Taze Russel (Jehovah Witness founder) published the 1st Watchtower in 1879, believed and taught the imminent return of Christ and continued setting dates.

False Prophets Lead to False Theology

This flurry of date setting and belief in imminence spawned the pre-tribulation rapture teaching.

In 1909 Cyrus Scofield, a lawyer turned preacher, published a study bible, highlighting new concepts never before taught in the entirety of church history, yet it became the dominant teaching at this time due to the mass production and successful distribution of the study bible.

The Scofield Bible had …printed what amounted to a commentary on the biblical text alongside the Bible instead of in a separate volume. … Finally, the 1917 edition also attempted to date events of the Bible. The Scofield Reference Bible (STUDY NOTES) promoted dispensationalism,…the “gap theory”, premillennialism and a pre-tribulational rapture. (2)

There are no writings or records predating these men that identified or taught a pre-trib rapture.


Short Version:

Scriptural Proof for Rapture Timing

Long Version:

End Time Bible Prophecy

Parallel Prophecies & Charts


(1)12 R. A. Huebner, Precious Truths Revived and Defended Through J. N. Darby,Vol. 1 (Morganville, N. J.: Present Truth Publishers, 1991)