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How far is too far when it comes to “editing” the human genome?

DNA Super Soldiers • Designer Babies • Trans-humanism • Post-humanism • Animal Human Hybrid Chimera’s • Singularity • Download your brain into a computer by 2050?

These may sound like science fiction movie topics, but these are the scientific breakthrough headlines that are fiercely encroaching upon our world’s morally weak boundaries. Global competition in these areas are being fueled by what is being labeled the next “arms race”. Trans-gender issues will soon become Trans-human or perhaps even Trans-species debates. Read More


The Chimera Quandary: Is It Ethical To Create Animal/Human Hybrid Embryos? Click Here





Neural Dust Implant on Fingertip
Neural Dust Implant on fingertip

The Matrix is coming! ‘Neural dust’ lets you implant a wireless computer directly into your BRAIN and body

  • Dust sized wireless sensors can be implanted into the body
  • Breakthrough could lead to sensors that monitor nerves and internal organs

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