Bible Versions Used

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” ― Charles Haddon Spurgeon



All scripture by default on this site is from the King James Version unless otherwise noted BUT…

With that said… to make the scriptures more readable and less of a stumbling block for new readers, I updated words like thee/thou = you, thy = your, doest = does, /believeth =-believes/ /shalt-will, etc.

[BRACKETS] Information inferred by surrounding text, definitions, clarification for context are contained in [ ] [these brackets] like:  

[Jesus said] “Blessed are the poor in Spirit”  (“Jesus said” was implied by previous text)

To help clarify a word like propitiation [definition: appeasement/sacrifice].

I encourage you to check any of the scriptures I used.

I referenced [my absolute first personal favorite website and study app on my phone] and I like

Sometimes the New Living Translation conveys scripture simply and clearly like no other translation, so it is my parallel bible of choice, standing as a strong partner alongside the most beautifully written, ever revealing KJV. If I were stranded on a desert island with only one bible choice, hands down, KJV. I have the app set up parallel as one side KJV and the other NLT.

When I use another bible version, other than the KJV, I will put the bible’s 3 letter code at the end.
eg: [NLT] = New Living Translation [NKJ] = New King James

Scripture starts with 3 letters before numbers indicating the bible verse
eg: 1 Cor = 1 Corinthians or Deu= Deuteronomy.

Please read the bible, but in the meantime. I hope you grow and are enriched from everything the Lord will put on my heart to share in these pages.

May God Bless your efforts as you work in building God’s kingdom as he has called you.